We have completed our 6th year

Our 6th year came to an end at the end of March 2012 and we had been called to even more calls than the previous year. We were called to 139 possible life threatening calls, seven more than the previous year.

In the start of our seventh year 2012-2013 in the first 8 days we have called upon 11 times, which included part of the Easter break.

We understand from the ambulance service that a change in the way we will be called, which should up and running by the end of the second week of April 2012, will mean that we will be called upon even more to assist the ambulance service than before.

The year has been quieter during summer months with not so many visitors to the area, but October and the beginning November has been busier, as things stand at the moment we are probably on par with the number of calls we had 2 years ago. We also seem to be extending our area slightly going to calls further to the north and west.

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