Lulworth Responders carry a selection of equipment in readiness to deal with most incidents we are likely to encounter.

In addition to our pack of dressings, airways, cleaning, and waste disposal materials, we carry, and are trained in the use of Oxygen and an automatic external defibrillator (AED). We now use the Cardiac Science G5

The AED will shock a patient whose heart has stopped or has the incorrect rhythm which is found during a heart attack.
The machine gives the operator specific instructions after shocking.
We use Oxygen extensively to relieve numerous complaints. Oxygen helps many patients and reduces the likelihood of a them losing consciousness or going into shock.


We now carry a Pulse Oximeter which will give us the oxygen level in the blood and the BPM




We also now carry a thermometer, so we can get even more information when we arrive on scene before an ambulance arrives

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