Christmas Day 2013

Our day started with quite an ordinary call to a Care Home in our area at about 8 am, we received a present of a box of chocolates from one of the visitors at the home when we had finished, which was a lovely gesture. We were also thanked for that we do which was again lovely to hear.

Later on in the morning one of our members was walking their dog nearby when they were approached by a member of the public who was concerned about their father who was in the early stages of Dementia and had been walking at Durdle Door with other members of the family, but had suddenly sped off leaving the other members of the family wondering and concerned where he was. The conditions on Christmas Day was damp and quite cold. The Police were not too concerned because he had only been missing about 40 minutes at that stage. Our team member finished walking the dog straight away and went to Durdle Door where he met the family and gained further information which included that the person who was missing was wearing a tag, which was monitored by a care centre. On contacting the care centre and using local knowledge which unfortunately the family didn't have, but us as responders do, we could get an idea of the area he was in, which was the opposite direction that the family were looking in. South Western Ambulance were contacted and approval was given for our responder to search with the wife of the missing gentleman.

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