Lulworth Responders were kept quiet on Christmas Day, but had calls either side of it. New Year's Eve was also quiet for although we were called upon at about 5 am New years Day and again on the 2nd January. Since the start of our year in April 2014 we have been called upon in the region of 78 times.

We ask people to remember we are volunteers and cover when we can around our normal jobs and when we have he time to be able to log on. We are aware that there have been more calls in our area but we can only cover when we are available. We are sorry if we have not attended a call to you or a relative who could have done with our help. We also are governed by the type of calls which we can attend and can only attend if the Ambulance Service send us. We are not allowed to respond to calls where someone either comes to our front door or contacts us direct by phone. Sorry but if you do this you will be asked to contact the Ambulance Service direct and unfortunately this could waste valuable time as you then have to repeat why you need an ambulance to the Ambulance Service.
We currently offer cover in the region of at least 60-70 hours a week and this in most cases is a low estimate.

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