Easter 2014

Easter 2014 was just like the weather split in 2 halves, Good Friday and Saturday saw lovely weather and many visitors to the area, it also involved 2 jobs by the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. Good Friday saw it be the unexpected guest at a Wedding at Lulworth Castle, landing on the grass right in front of it. The patient was taken to hospital by land Ambulance, but it gave the wedding photographer some extra shots that he did not think he would get that day with the bride and groom sat in the Air Ambulance.

Picture 1                                                                                                   Picture 2

In picture 1 the group can be just seen the otherside of the Air Ambulance.     In picture it's time for the helo to return to base.

On the Saturday, Lulworth Responders were kept busy dealing with 3 calls and the last one of the day being on Durdle Door beach, where if a patient cannot make there own way to the top then the only other way is by helo, so again we had the Air Ambulance. This time landing on the beach at Durdle Door which is a big attraction to the people who are on the beach, but they have to be kept well away from it as the Air Ambulance does cause quite a sand storm landing and taking off, but because people do not see these sort of things happen very often it can be difficult explaining to them that they have stand well clear. We also have to make sure that there are not lose items on the beach which can be sucked up into the helo's exhaust as this could cause major problems. The beach is soft so although the helo lands it has to keep the rotas going so that it's full weight is not on the beach otherwise it could sink in the sand/shingle and not be able to take off.

View of Air Ambulance with Durdle Door behind                    Another view of helo, crowd can be seen in the background.

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