Year 2012-2013

Yet another comes and goes and we have another 123 possible life threatening calls under our belt. It has been quite a strange year with us being kept busy up until the end of January 2013 and then it just seem to drop off dramatically until the end of March. Which hopefully means that people were healthy in our area between January and March.

It now means that since we started way back in 2006 to the present time we have been called on over 800 times. On some of these calls our local knowledge has proved very useful to the Ambulance Service guiding the crews into areas by the best route to get to places which the crews may not have the knowledge of where they actually are going to. We had one of these such calls in the summer of 2012 which came from the Heritage Centre at Lulworth but the patient was on the hill overlooking Lulworth Cove, the access to this area is only by a footpath up the side of the hill which one of the access points is by going to Lulworth Cove and entering from the steps by the cafe. We sent one of our responders with kit to the patient and kept in contact by radio, we were able to advise the Ambulance Hub of the condition of the patient and advise that we would need a helo to get the patient to hospital and that the Coastguard helo was the best option, this was all achieved before the Ambulance Crew arrived, by the time the crew arrived the Coastguard helo was hovering in the area, the local Coastguard response team were also mobilized. The patient was extricated by helo to hospital for treatment.

  Patient is being treated by the Ambulance Crew before having to be winched into the helo.

 Look closely the winch is attached to the winchman, next step patient and winchmen were winched into the helo.

 Patient and winchman obscured by the trees but on there way up to helo and then off to hospital. Another 'job' completed by all concerned.

More recently Lulworth Responders were involved in a call to a man stuck in the mud on the East side of Lulworth Cove, working with Dorset Fire & Rescue, Lulworth Coastguard, Weymouth Inshore Lifeboat and our colleagues in South Western Ambulance.

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