Lulworth Responder vehicle seen with the old Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance

We need to replace our aged Rav 4

Our current vehicle which was purchased by the Sam Chalmers Foundation needs replacing. We have had this vehicle since 2007 and it has proved a great asset to getting places a car wouldn't and also in the rare times when we have had snow. The vehicle only covers about 1000 miles a year but lives near the sea and so is getting rusty. 

We are asking if you or your company may be interested in either sponsoring a replacement or partly sponsoring. We are not looking for a brand new vehicle but one that is going to be reliable and it needs to be a 4x4. We are also looking for a petrol vehicle due to the short distances we cover.

We do have some money we can put towards it but we also need to keep money back for any repairs and the upkeep of the vehicle. We also will have our old vehicle to sell once the new one is ready for use so we can recoup some money from that. 

If you can help please contact us via the site so we can discuss options.

We will also have to cover the cost of the vehicle livery it has to conform to First Responder vehicle guidelines but I am sure we can fit on any major sponsors details. 


Wareham Rotary Club has pledged £1,500 towards our replacement vehicle. Thank you Wareham Rotary.

East Lulworth Keep Fat Club has now closed and they have very kindly donated £50 which will go towards our new vehicle.

West Lulworth Parish Council have pledged £1,000. Thank you West Lulworth Parish Council.

Would anyone else like to pledge some money to our replacement vehicle? If you would please contact us via our Contact us page.

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