Working with our local Parish Councils

We have given talks to our local parish councils about installing Community Defibrillators, West and East Lulworth both responded by installing Defibrillators in the area. West Lulworth has two, one on the Coastguard building and the other on the Village Hall. East Lulworth has one on the old Lulworth Garage building now known as the Estate Workshop. Lulworth First Responders have also conducted training sessions in both villages and also check the Defibrillators regularly. The machines are really easy to use and no one needs training before using one, although it is good to have an insight in to how they work before the possibility of having to use one.

We are now looking after more machines in our area and also training more people. 

How does the system work if you need a Defibrillator?

If there is an incident near a Defibrillator when the 999 call is made the Ambulance call taker will give you a code to access the nearest Defibrillator and where it is located, once the machine is finished with it is to be returned to the box. We will be informed that it has been used and arrange for items to be replaced.

If you are interested in finding out how to use a Defibrillator and you live in our area please contact us through this site


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